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Asset Management

Local and GCC Department:

The Department is responsible for managing proprietary and client portfolios of quoted and unquoted securities, real estate and funds in Kuwait, GCC and the MENA region. The Department has also established its own GCC-focused fund products to market in Kuwait.

We aim to make these services powerful and adjustable to suit the variable economic conditions in the region in order to realize high risk-adjusted returns for our clients. The Assets Under Management (AUM) as of 2010 is over 1 Billion USD.

Atlantic Investment closely monitors economic and financial developments in Kuwait and GCC in order to actively execute local investment strategies and enhance performance. The Department is comprised of a number of experienced local portfolio and fund managers. The Local Investment Department actively supports the Kuwaiti economy by creating investment funds and investing in companies to promote local business.

Asset Management department is comprised of:

  • Client portfolios.
  • Equity funds.
  • Derivatives.

1. Client Portfolios:
Client portfolios are designed to distribute capital across a diversified portfolio in order to optimize returns at an acceptable risk profile for the client. Capital is invested in the various sectors in a manner designed to create stability and minimize risks.

Atlantic Investment Financial Investment Company is currently providing four types of client portfolios:

  • Discretionary managed portfolios (conventional portfolios or Islamic Shari'ah compliant portoflios).
  • Non-discretionary managed portfolios
  • Custody portfolios.
  • Pledged shares portfolios

2. Equity Funds:
Atlantic Investment Financial Investment currently manages three funds. You can find more fund information by clicking on the links below.